Monday, February 12, 2018

Mia, Pet Loss and Crafting Progress

Hope everyone had a nice New Years. 
This year's winter we've had quite the amount of snow and
the season of sickness.  It's everywhere, work and home.
I was feeling quite proud my usually good immune system
hadn't caught anything with taking Oil of Oregano supplements and
my apple a day regime. But no, some people at work don't
believe in covering their mouth when they cough incessantly.
I was down for 2 weeks with it, 3 days off work. While nursing my cold I 
had been trying to keep check on my old sickly cat. He made it through
the holidays and through January but his hyperthyroid and growth in
rectum had made him quite week and skinny.  Constantly drinking water 
and bits of food but never seem to nourish him enough.  It was hard
but necessary to end his suffering. He seemed like he wanted to keep fighting 
to stay with me.  He was my suck and I had had him since 6 weeks old.
If he made it to April he would have been 16 years.

I have been crocheting more lately, rest time will allow that.

I have gotten quite a few more rounds done on this and near the end of my 
skein of Caron Cake.  I do have one more skein if I want to keep it going.

I finished my mandala. Pattern from SewHappyCreative

And I couldn't resist this mandala, still in progress.  Lovebomb mandala 
from Queen  Babs.

Keep Calm and Crochet On.