Saturday, April 21, 2018

Waiting for Spring

At least with spring starting late it makes  you want to stay inside and  crochet to keep 
warm.  I have been working on projects here and there.  Since my last post, which has been well over a month, I have added a few more rounds to the Lovebomb Mandala.

And a few more rounds to the starburst blanket. I didn't realize how big it was getting.  I'm on the third ball of Caron Cakes. 

I went to Michael's Craft store for some colour inspiration. 

New yarns in stock. 

I ended up buying two skeins of this yarn. 60% Acrylic 40% Nylon and so soft.
Then the task was to figure out what to make with it.  I have many yarns in my 
stash where I think that would be lovely as..... undetermined.

But after searching the web, blogs, Ravelry, Pinterest and You Tube I found something
on You Tube I thought would be nice.  Autumn Moon Wrap from channel Jayda InStitches.

I recently got a sleeveless white/blue dress that I thought this would be nice to
wear with it.  We'll see how it turns out. 

Yesterday made it to +50 Degrees F here and I've been waiting for the weather
to break to get back out on the bike. Winter has been way too long this year
that lead to more hibernation and weight gain that planned or expected.

And an update on our kitty search.  Since the last attempt to integrate a new kitty
into the house with my two now did not succeed I waited and visited the Humane Society and Pet Stores for other associations seeking owners to adopt.  I saw another orange tabby and even though I was thinking a female may be best this little guy was too cute.  He's 5 years old, and quite shy and  timid which I thought would be good as he wouldn't be aggressive with my other orange boy who's suck a suck. His name is Milo. 

He is quite small and skinny for his age.  I don't know if the previous owners fed him 
enough because when I put some wet food down he inhaled it.  He sure loves to 
check out what we are eating as well, chicken, cheese, whatever he'll try it out.

I don't think he's ever seen bath tub full of water either.  I was taking a bath the other day 
and he was so curious he got up into this weird stance.

My girl doesn't seem to be bother by him, she just likes to eat and sleep. My boy 
watches him and is curious. I just hope he doesn't get jealous of him. But I did 
catch my boy go over to him when Milo was laying down and lick the top
of his head like he does with my girl. 

Happy Weekend all!!!