Sunday, January 27, 2019


Hello lovelies.  Keeping warm?  It has been quite cold here this week in Ontario.
I finally finished my #lovebombmandala.  I just want to get a cross stitch frame to 
attach this to and hang. 

Just a few thing I made at Christmas. I found some snowflake buttons to sew onto 
my crochet snow globe ornament.

I love the Vintage Hearts by Annie Design Crochet that I saw in Instagram. 
However mine don't have the same vintage look.  I believe she used  sportweight cotton, 
I used my usual double knit acrylic. Oh well, they are still cute hearts, even kitty 
loves them. 

This week has been busy as my hubby's dad passed away.  I got bereavement time
off work but it just flies by with things to do and then to relax and reflect as both
his parents are now passed and my dad.  It makes you think about life more
and what you still want to do.  Even start preparing for such arrangements for 
ourselves when the time comes. We had to clean out his apartment and you realize 
all the things we collect in life, buy, make, sell etc it's all just stuff in the end.

But we have to make the most of life while we're here and if creating things 
in craft form or buying things make things more cozy in life, so be it.

I made myself a sewing machine organizer pad.  Helps to have your things right
there as you're sewing.

And I'm starting to make some lanyards to sell on my Etsy.  This one is up
on my store now. 

Happy Sunday all!