Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lazy Summer

I have been doing a bit of crochet these last few weeks.  I have so many projects started in various project bags around the house, drives hubby nuts but oh well.  I know where they are and if they are visible it's more likely I'll pick it up and start working on that project more. This is my gumball squares blanket project.  

I had a few days off last week and made it a point to work on some sewing.  I've always loved this block and wanted to try it. 

We went to some yard sales yesterday.  I found one in particular that said Craft, Sewing sale.
It was a must. I got some quilt batting, fleece pick fabric a good amount of a pink cotton fabric
easter print, cat print fabric, about 1/2 dozen zips, bias binding, small sizes pom pom maker,
and some storage box things all for $23. The craft sale the lady had her own business and 
she said there was more fabric in containers.  We may just have to go back next weekend.

In the garden we have been getting more cucumbers and the bell peppers are starting to 
get a decent size.  

Happy Weekend all.