Saturday, January 4, 2020

Holiday Fly By

Late Christmas and New Years greetings.  It came and went like a flash it seems.  I've mostly just enjoyed extra time off work, relaxing at home.  My ripple blanket is nearly done.  I've just been adding border rows while watching TV.

I made this mini Christmas stocking.

As for sewing, I've made myself a Christmas cushion using panel fabrics.

Honey and I went to our winter Bright Lights display.  It was really nice as they added more
lighting and displays but too bad we didn't have any snow for it this year.

Christmas time I love to do a puzzle during time off.  I found this cute one from Bits and Pieces.
They have unique gift ideas and always a great selection of puzzles. When I saw this one with sewing machine, quilt and the cat I had to get it.

And as always I couldn't resist dressing up the kitties for Christmas pix.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Happy 2020!