Saturday, January 16, 2021

Days Are A Blur


It's been a while since I've blogged.  The days just go by so fast for working from home and going nowhere but the grocery store.  Late 2020 I've mostly painted in my spare time.  I made all my Christmas cards this year.  Here are a few.  Some I mounted to red cardstock.

I made a few mini paintings for ornament frames.

I did a paint party on Facebook like for this Gnome.

Another paint party for this Owl.  I love owls and gnomes.

I tried out a new stich in crochet. Alpine stitch by @naztazia.

I made this had and scarf for donation to homeless shelter.

And of course I dressed up my fur babies for Christmas.

I painted these for 2021.

Hopefully we'll be back to normal by late this year.  If we can just get through these winter
months until the vaccine is available for all.  Years ago society has been through worse. Spanish flu, 
WWI & WWII, great depression.  If our ancestors could get through it we can as well.
Keep Calm and Carry On!!