Saturday, August 14, 2021

Blur of a year

I have gotten a bit out of habit in blogging.  I can't believe March was my last post.  Let's catch up.

Still working from home and have developed some tendinitius this year mostly from typing. I haven't 

done much crafting in a while.  Every once in a while I'll pick up some yarn and work on a un-finished

item sitting around.  I'm still painting here and there but not as frequent as in the winter months.

This years garden has been nice to enjoy.  Hubby does the majority of tending and I come along 

to harvest.  Late April we had unexpected snow but shortly after we started the garden 

outside.  Hubby had all seeds started inside under the grow lights.

Our small back yard.
This compares May planting to late June.  Tomatoes, peppers in bed and squash and pumpkin 
to grow up the mesh.  

We planted these sugar baby watermelons but they've stunted growth.  We think
some kind of bug may have gotten into the stem base as it just looks dry and dead.
I was so looking forward to trying these.

Pumpkin and squash in early July.

Tiny Tim tomatoes, tasty determinant variety.

Hubby planted these munchkin Sunflowers for me and they are so amazing 
in it's peak.  The bees loved them.

Cucumbers haven't done as well this year but we have tried a new variety, Marketmore
which are really good.

First zucchini which we ended up BBQ'd.

July we've been enjoying our harvests with lots of salads, beans and basil.

This was a uniquely blended cherry tomatoe.

And this plant has been an amazing polinator attractor.  Singing-the-Blues Salvia.

And many pollinators on the cosmos as well.  I think we grew a giant variety because now
this plant is nearly 10ft tall.

We have tons of sweet banana peppers and these bell peppers.

So many tomatoes.  I made sauce once already and will have to soon again.

Pumpkin is ready to be picked.  I got my first one last year and made a pie and it was the
best pumpkin pie ever.  Can't wait to make another with this.

I just picked this squash and will be cooking it up this weekend.

The garden bed jungle now.

Tower 'o Cosmos

And for my paintings in recent months.

I tried a Rose tutorial by Esther Peck from Instagram.  This was my first attempt.

And my second rose.

We've enjoyed spending time outside as much as possible when it's not scorching hot.
The kitties love sitting on back porch as well.  

Hope eveyone's summer is going well.  Stay safe.