Monday, December 19, 2011


I finally decided to try out my loom to get a scarf made for a gift. This is my first time using one. I watched mikeysmail you tube video to learn how to get it started. Chunky yarns are suggested giving the spaces between pegs are quite wide. This is all in one day. Maybe just a bit more to go until second ball of yarn is done.


Carissa said...

That looks so neat! I've never heard of doing a scarf on a loom! I've seen them before in stores but didn't think much of it! Neat!

laydilyke said...

It's really easy. Just have to wrap yarn around posts in a particular order each way and then pull bottom yarn over top of each post. Video tutorials on You Tube helps. And it's quick. Oh by the way, the earrings were well liked ;)

Carissa said...

Oh cool! I'll have to look for one next time I'm at michaels! Yay! Good to hear! thanks!