Friday, December 23, 2011

X-mas project complete

I had been making various shapes for a Christmas swag I wanted to make for myself.  After making one for Carissa for the handmade swap, I loved it and had to have one to hang up in the house.  I started with snowflakes and tried the granny stars and tree.  Then I came upon Lucy's Holly Leaves from Attic24 blog and had to give that a try as well.  I also added some buttons the I found at Michael's that were just festive enough to enhance the whole look.  What do you think?

Another decor item I got for the home at Michael's when they had their big coupon sale last month was another cute snowman to add to my collection.  How can you not love soft puffy snowmen?

Other projects, well, still have to complete a christmas coloured crocheted hat, a shrug, baby blanket, grannies.  And the list goes on.  But the cat is ready for Xmas

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and New Years!!!


becktovintage said...

Hello Dear Friend, I joined to your nice blog. I like this christmas swag very much. I wish I saw your blog early to make like this for my home.
Very beautiful. Best wishes and merry christmas..

laydilyke said...

Thank you. I love your Christmas Snowmen on your blog. Merry Christmas to you too!

Carissa said...

Ooo I love the new additions to it! Looks great! Merry Christmas!