Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crochet Bag Revised

So in my blog followings, I came across a stitch tutorial on a different way to do the (DC) Double Crochet stitch.   And since that is the stitch I am using on this bag, I thought I'd try it.  All I can say is wow.  Why didn't I pay attention to this post on this stitch before I started the bag.  It seems to be almost made for a project like this, bag or anything else needing some durability.  I found the tutorial here on the (Ldc) Linked Double Crochet on Crochet Spot's Blog. Give it a try.  It's so easy.  I took a few pictures of my bag trying to show the differences in the stitches.
To the right of the hook and below stitches navy and down are the regular double crochet stitches. They tend to show some space in between the stitches.  To left of hook top row, is the LDC linked double crochet.
      My navy blue yarn is a bit thinner than the others for some reason even though it's supposed to be the same worsted weight yarn.
      So I am going to continue the bag in this stitch for the durability factor.
  Thank you Rachel from Crochet Spot for sharing this stitch and the many other great tutorials you share.


Charlotte said...

I checked out this new technique, but am a little leery of trying something entirely different from how I learned. That does not mean I will not try! Keep crocheting!

Julie said...

Thank you for linking up to Show Your Stuff last week, I have this week's edition up and invite you to come back: