Monday, January 23, 2012


   I wanted to get some organizing accomplished this weekend in my work/craft storage area.  I picked up another plastic bin, even has wheels on it.  I mostly have my yarn in plastic bin drawers now.  

It is with best intentions on using up these yarns this year, on blankets, grannies and other tempting projects.
    I didn't get to doing much more than a few more rows on the crochet bag.  The new stitch does slow down the progress because you have to link into the previous stitch.  But in the end, it will be worth it by making the bag stronger.  I started a scarf this weekend as well, again to use up some stash of the thicker yarns before winter's end.  I have 3 skeins of this and I hope it is enough for length.  After taking the photo I realised the second skein doesn't have as much of that darker pink.  

I have blocked two of my Tunisian squares and am working on a third.  

This is showing the Tunisian Simple Stitch, how it looks on the front and back of the work.  Back side does tend to curl, hence having to block it after to get it to flatten.  I pin them to a box with a towel over it and then spray it down with spray starch.  
     I also managed to get another granny square done. 

As I was browsing my groups on Ravelry admiring someones ripple blanket, they had posted this link that helps you generate a pattern order for the colors you want to use for a blanket or other multi-coloured crocheted items.    Random Stripe Generator .  What a most helpful tool. 
Have a good week all!!


hooksandyarns said...

Great job with the yarn organizing - it looks like a store display. :)

Hanni said...

what a nice collection you have!

Delilah said...

I love how organized your yarn is. Hopefully I can get mine to look like that soon.