Friday, January 13, 2012

Loom Hat Finished

     I finally managed to follow the tutorial on how to finish off the hat. Looming is amazingly easy. Anyone can do it. You Tube is amazing at showing you how to start it off, do different stitch patterns and finish it off. It's a nice change from crochet. If carpel tunnel is setting in from too much crochet, this is a nice change. HAHA
     So this was the picture on the loom.

     And the finished product. 

   And I had a nice surprise in the mail from my lovely talented friend in Ohio, her handmade jewellery. I am trying to convince her she needs to setup and Etsy shop to sell her wonderful items. Thanks so much sissy!! Love them.

I also got a chance to crochet and cozy up with the cat.  Nothing is more cozier. 

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!