Sunday, January 15, 2012

So Much Yarn....

Another productive weekend.  Before Christmas I had started a puff stitch hat.  I finally finished it, edged it and added a Dahlia flower I had previously made.  It's quite warm.
I made some flowers to go with the "special project" I am hoping to get that all together this week.  Some supplies are needed and Michael's has a good sale on tomorrow.  

I also made a few baby hats on my loom.  This was the second one and I used a decrease method that tapers the top shut better than the usual pull the string method that tends to make top of hat bulkier.  It's fine for adult hat but since these baby hats are so small it's a much better method I find.  Again thanks to you tube tutorials on how to do the decrease method of casting off the loom.
Another Granny Square made.  
I decided to finally start a crochet bag a la Lucy (Attic 24) with my cotton yarn I've been trying to get a nice rainbow of colours to make it in.  The picture was take in the vivid mode, it just looks more lovelier that way. 

Hopefully I will get more done on the bag this week as well as my special project, even some more Japanese flowers for my shawl and I can post the progress.  Have a great week everyone!!


becktovintage said...

Dear Ladilyke, as usual all your works are so beautiful. And also I like your blog's new theme and header. I am waiting to see japanese flowers. Thank you very much...