Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday Weekend Part 2

I am officially quiting crocheting.  Who needs it.  Boring repetitive yarning.  Colours too bright.

NOT.  April Fools!!!

I made my first mosaic of projects. Mostly ones to do with March. My African flowers now being made into a bag. My yummy ripple blanket, can't get it done quick enough, Lucy Crochet Bag (finally a finished project), my Rainbow Mandala sold on Etsy and Crochet motif book.

So yesterday honey and I went out browsing some stores, Pet stores, trinket stores, etc.  Then we had lunch and my favourite place, Mongolian Grill. Buffet style, you pick your food, sauces and spices and they cook it for you in the open on a big giant grill.  Come with a salad.  I also had enough points on their frequent warrior card to get a free appetizer, these Pizza Rolls. I didn't care for them but the buffet is always worth it.

We went to the mall and I got myself a few things.  A new calendar, yes I know it is now April but they were 60% off and I have been waiting for this type to go on sale as they fit into those wooden wall holders.  As well I found this cute little owl, at the Dollarstore no less.

Honey got me a very cute birthday card. I had to video it to show you.

Then I got to come home and relax, enjoy some drinks and crochet.  I got another 2 1/2 rows done on the ripple.


becktovintage said...

Dear my friend, Your salad seems so delicious. All your objects you bought are so beautiful expecially I like the owl so much. You had a very nice weekend. Best wishes..