Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Weekend

It's been a long week and now relaxing for my long birthday weekend.  It's on Monday. I am an Aries girl.  Any special plans?  Not really, maybe dinner tonight or tomorrow with my honey.  It's quite gloomy today.  I am not sure how it will be come Monday, but I better see some sun.  I want to go visit some family and maybe get together with a friend to crochet.  What more could you want for your birthday.  Next year with be the milestone b-day so I plan to enjoy my last year of my 30's. 

Anyway, this week I've manage to work on my African Flowers Bag.  Getting the top part done and will have to do the drawstring.  I would like to make a liner, however I may have to get some sewing practice on the machine a friend gave me.  I tried it out when I got it and the thread is bunching underneath.  I've read this tend to be a tension issue so I will have to keep playing around with that.  Of course the other thing is finding the right material for this colourful bag for the lining.  

I managed a few more rows on my ripple blanket.  The picture is a bit enhanced with a fun photo app on my phone.  

And I truly love my new Lucy Bag I finished last weekend.  

No colour enhancing on this one.  

And yesterday a co-worker surprised me with a birthday gift since I am off on Monday with this....
Melting pot for candle goodness.  I burned a square of the Vanilla Bean scent she got me.  Love it and really wasn't expecting her to get me a gift. Truly appreciated, thanks Denise!

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope to blog again.


becktovintage said...

Dear my friend, Happy birthday to you. Believe me that 40's are better then 30's. I am 43 and I am curiously waiting 50's.. Best happy and healthy years to you.
I like your Lucybag so much. I ll try to make it after I finished my other projests. I like crochet african flowers so much. I must learn how to make. Your all crochets are so nice. Best wishes...

Krazy Momma Kreations said...

I would love to have you over to work on some projects :) And I too love your Lucy bag. It is so lovely. As much as I like African Flowers I think I like the Lucy bag better than the flower one. Just the simplicity of it and the colors. Beautiful. Maybe one day I'll make me one too:) Too many projects, too little time. And STO LAT, STO LAT, NIECH ZYJE, ZYJE NAM... Happy Birthday Steph

hooksandyarns said...

Your african flower bag looks great. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. :)

Unknown said...

happy bday from youe newest follower ,love the bag