Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lazy Sundays

Thank god I found Crochet!  I've been dealing with some stressful issues with my parents and it's been a crazed week.  I haven't spent as much time crocheting this week as I'd like to but I do manage a bit each day to try and relax.  So, on to things I have done and new things I got this week.
Some new colours and made one of the Japanese flowers for my shawl that I will eventually finish one day.
Even that cat likes the new yarn.
I did another square from the Go Crochet! Book.

Japanese flower, free-styled motif and a granny square.
Some new acquirements from a thrift shop this week.  All for $2. So the TLC yarn I want to use in a granny strip blanket, it's like a minty bluey colour. 

I started the strip in this light pink and want to use the darker pink with the TLC stuff.  I am just not sure if I should throw this purple in or not.  Too bold?  Stick to the softer colours?  What do you think? 

This is another pic of the yarns using Instagram App on my phone.  They finally have it for Android.  And I am sure you all heard that Facebook bought "acquired" Instagram recently. 
I really love the app. It doesn't have enough effects, yet.  But it has it's own community in a sense.  You can search for things you are interested in, crochet, and see other's photo's.  You can follow users as well upon approval.

Oh and a bit more on my ripple.  Slowly but surely.

Happy Sunday!!