Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WIP Wednesdays

Happy hump day all.  Nice day out today and I got to leave early from work.  Well actually had to go to the dentist.  That was 4 hours ago now and my mouth is still a bit numb. LOL

So on to my WIP.  Ripple is coming along.  I guess-timate finishing in a month or so.  Just in time for warm weather.  Oh well, it will still be used.

On the weekend I finished a dish cloth.  It will either be for a gift or just to stock for a possible craft fair maybe later in the year.  My honey keeps telling me to make things I can sell at a craft fair.  
Another book I had been eyeing for a while arrived today.  200 Crochet blocks by Jan Eaton.  I've been seeing blocks all over blogs lately from this book.  So many designs to choose from to make a nice blanket.

Where to start.  I think I'll use the colours I showed you last post.
I also made this last night for my friend's daughter for her birthday party on the weekend.  Birthday cupcake.  I made a tie and put it through bottom of cupcake so she can tie it on her wrist to wear.  

Well happy Wednesday.