Sunday, May 6, 2012


Have you ever thought you had adult ADD?  I do.  You're at work and your trying to focus on your job and you get distracted by thoughts of personal life things, or your crochet projects etc. LOL.  Or is it just a woman thing and our great ability to multi-task?  Either way, this is why I start so many projects, and that I get bored and just need to work on something different. It's been a more settled week but just a bit mentally burnt out.  My parents are still both being cared for in the hospital, hopefully that will continue. And last weekend I decided to change my hair colour from brunette to blonde and do it myself.  Well, it's been a challenge all week to tone down the reddish orangy colour of the blonde.  I should of just went to my hair guy.  So still working on that as I have to get some more conditioning treatments in before bleaching again. Anyway, on to progress made this week...

I've been wanting to make this Half Mood Shawl from the pattern off the Lion Brand site for some time now.  A friend made it with their Homespun yarn and it was so cozy.  I had a few skeins in the stash from a remnant bag that I wasn't sure what to use it for.  This project was perfect for it.  It has bobbles in it but this photo you can't see them.

This is from one day progress. And for 2nd day progress....

It works up quick.

And the ripple blanket has been growing as well...

I think maybe double that length should be good for the twin bed.  
And that Granny Messenger Bag I started last week, I got a few more rows done.

I did get another square done in my new colour scheme.
And all of them together..

So I guess I did get some things done this week.  But you know the saying... So much yarn so little time. 

Happy Sunday All!