Saturday, May 12, 2012

Days Off

It's always so nice when you have gorgeous weather on a day off from work.  It was around 70 degrees yesterday.  Couldn't of been more perfect.  Honey and I went for a drive to a few county nursery/gift ware places.  The first place had alot of girly gifting and just neat things.  Honey was extremely bored.  Then browse that garden center.  I think it just instantly lifts your mood to see such colourful flowers.  All the hanging basket were gorgeous and would see randomly butterflies on them. In top right corner of this picture was a neat idea, planted in a large wooden planter was a neat scene, miniture house with moss and bench in the back.  There was another planter like this but I must have deleted the picture.  This place also had another building with alot of cookware items, coffee bar etc.  I had to take a picture of this rainbow mixing bowl set.  The gift building had some nice owlie items.  Then we went to the other garden center and they have alot of gifting, craft items as well as their plants.  The froggies were so cute I had to take their picture.  And came across some nearly real craft calla lily flowers, one of my faves.  The orchids below are real in this pic.

I know it's nearly summer here but they still had Christmas stuff on display. I LOVE Snowmen and had to take a picture of this.  And the elf display was so pretty that it was photo worthy.  And lastly are these colourful Bee catchers.  If I was rich I would have bought most of the things I've shown here.  Oh well, keep buy loto tickets.

They had this setup perfect for picture taking.  Honey was kind enough to take my picture on this giant flower chair. 

On to projects. Well this week, I didn't get alot accomplished. Mostly working on the Half Moon Shawl from last weekend. 

I've already used one skein of the 2 pack of remnant yarn.  I might just use the whole of the second skein and then it will be good and long.  I believe the pattern had a chunkier yarn than this and a larger hook, but I only used a 6.5 mm.  It's still working up quick.

Anyway, have a good weekend.  I hope to get more accomplished.


Sandy said...

The half moon shawl is looking awesome, had to shield my eyes against the stuff for C...can't even bear to say the word. Goodness it's just barely got warm, I don't want to think of anything connected to cold ugly weather for quite a few months yet.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Pretty shawl. The colour looks like a soft rose, so it's perfect for a garden centre post :) Love those bobbley details too.

I'm headed to the Garden centre this weekend too. Definitely going to pick up some hanging baskets!

Babajeza said...

I love your rainbow bowls as I've been coming across rainbowy things all the time lately.
I wish you good progress on your lovely shawl.

SusiSunshine said...

The shawl is really coming along. The color is great!