Monday, July 16, 2012

Festivals Galore

I love summer for all the festivals that go on in our area.  We scope them out early, see who's performing, how much to go etc.  I usually plan some vacation days around them and that was this weekend - Friday and Monday.  We had our local Bluesfest this weekend.  My honey and I got to go for free with my cousins.  Turned out to be a blast and a bit of crazy night.  The following day we hadn't planned on going.  The performance line-up wasn't the best this year, but a wonderful co-worker offered me her tickets as her husband and her couldn't make it.  So we went and it was quite busy.  We even walked back to the car to get our chairs. We still had fun though.

   And finally, the big weekend event was to go to a concert festival in another city that we had already previously had tickets for.  If you're family with rock/alternative bands the line up was Papa Roach (Canadian band), Simple Plan (Canadian band) and The Offspring.  My honey was more interested in seeing the Offspring as it was a favourite of his younger days.  Just as the first band was going to play, it down poured rain.  But, since we are veteran festival goers, we plan for it all.  I pulled out our emergency ponchos. Luckily the rain didn't last long. The singer of Papa Roach even came out and walked around the crown.  It was a bit mucky though, but no worries, dirt washes off. 

Needless to say I didn't get much crochet in this weekend.   I had been working on some little flowers throughout last week.  And today, recovery day, made a vine like swag to attach them to.  So once I get that done I'll post it.  I want to hang it across bedroom window.

And the Friday I had off, I treated myself to a new do at the salon.  My hairdresser is awesome!

Hoping to get some crochet done this week, but it looks to be busy again.  And another long weekend for me coming up. 


Carissa said...

I love outdoor concerts! Is it just me or does the bands sound so much better outside ;) I love the colors for the flowers and vine! That would look so great over a window!