Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend fun

Hello all!  This past weekend I managed to go back to a started project, thanks to the 100 Deg weather.  I had started this Granny Messenger Bag.  Well bag is now finished and am working on the strap.  Then I will line it and add a flower or something. 

I also stopped to smell the tea.  LOL Using here this very hand tea thing.  You put your tea leaves in it, it acts like your spoon and even has a plunger on the end that squeezes the leaves.

We went to a nearby festival this weekend, on the Sunday when the weather was more bearable.  Called Sunfest.  There's many stages around the park with different cultural music performed, this one was more popular as it seem to have the more lively music and the beer garden.  As well, all different kinds of crafty items and things in vendor booths. 

And my fave the owlies!!!