Saturday, July 28, 2012

Granny A Day

Well not quite a day.  More like granny once in a while.  As I still have a granny blanket on the go.  In the grey, black and white scheme.  I am trying out different types of squares with it now.  

Only problem with these different squares, it's making odd size and shapes to fit into the scheme.  I guess I can always add extra borders on some.  

Who watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  Some parts are a bit boring but I was quite impressed with the light shows, fireworks and at the end the lighting and design of the Olympic Cauldron. So pretty.

It must be pretty exciting to be in London right now.  I've been fascinated with that city for years and would love to go.  But, who know. May not happen. I've never been on a plane anywhere.

This week I've been playing around with some yarn I got off E-Bay.  It's fingering and it's awkward to work with for me with big hands. Then I was trying to find a pattern for it, something light maybe to wear.  I found a scarf pattern.  After the first row or so I was going to frog it but thought keep going to see how it looks.
It may be hard to see but love these colours.
And I started a butterfly.  After finishing I think I did one too many wings or something.  When I folded in half, it's just not right.
I also had started a loom scarf.  Thinking ahead for winter and to make more things for my Etsy store.
And finally a picture of my cat.  He hates his picture taken.



Charlotte said...

Love the black and gray granny. I watched part of the Olympic opening but got bored after about 30 minutes ;-( I have wanted to visit since 1964 when the Beatles came to America!

Unknown said...

I liked the opening, I thought it was OK. It was simple and sweet focusing on British society, as opposed to the wonderful techno show from China 4 years ago..

I love the colours of the yarn..I have been looking at ebay as a yarn source, but haven't tried it yet..