Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quick Projects

Nothing is better than starting a project and finishing it in the same day. I had found a cute little pattern for an owl mug cozy.  So, I had stopped by Michael's yesterday to take advantage of their 20% off coupon and found a nice variegated colour yarn for this owl project.  Of course I can use it on future ones as well.  They have some new line of generic yarn that had a few colour ways that would do an owl justice.  Anyway, I chose this one.

I made it mostly for my mug at work, but it worked well on this one I have at home and am currently enjoying my coffee in it. 

Also, I was just messing around with some cotton this week and was thinking dish cloth but then in my craft bag I had found a coin purse clasp I had gotten a while back. So, I improvised on my size and made it to fit the clasp.  I still have to attach it yet but want to sew a little liner in it.  Yay!

I am trying to get some other started or near complete projects done.  Again, ADD and I love to produce many happy things as possible. I have done a few more rows on my ripple blanket. 

I also posted my Daisy Granny Blanket for sale on my Etsy along with my hearts swag.

I went to a thrift store yesterday and found a very nice tank top, brand name, that still had the tags on it.  But the lovely pattern and it fit like a charm, I had to get it.

And a nice find in yarn, 6 skeins of this bone colour 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic

Love thrift shopping.

Oh, I was looking back and I realized I never posted the picture of the Daisy Granny Blanket completed with the border.  So here it is.


hooksandyarns said...

Love the cute little owl - and the change purse is pretty nice. Great thrift store finds. :)

becktovintage said...

Dear Friend, You made very good work.. Your owl project is wonderful and so pretty. And of course crochet purse bag is so cute.. And Your Daisy Granny Blanket is amazing... This is a very hard work and the borders seem so pretty...
You always make very beautiful works..:))
All best wishes...:))

Candace said...

wow you have been busy. You need to come and show me how you do it all x

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Your owl is so so cute and I love the little purse!
Victoria xx

Wool Diaries said...

How awesome are one a day projects! I love quick projects between bigger ones. The yarn you got for your owl is perfect. I might have to have one for every mug. The purse is totally sweet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful projects -- all of them!!!!

Mlissabeth said...

You have lots of nice projects here! I love your purchases at the thrift store, too.