Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yarn, yarn and more yarn

So I have a new plan for this granny.  It's been a busy week and more so next week.  Have to look at long term care facilities for my dad.  Dentist, other appointments, eyes, pick out glasses, and the list goes on.  The joys of life.  So, hopefully, on the weekend I can finish what I want to do with this granny project.

Below, is a few collage pictures of some of my creations this year.  New handy app on the phone.

And, that trip to the yarn outlet my co-worker made.  Here are all the goodies I get to split with another co-worker. Not for free of course.  But, so much cheaper than buying at Michael's etc.  Now I did you a colour enhancing feature on my photo app.  These brighter red looking yarns are really more darker pinks. Oh boy, now I could really use that extra pair of arms to get making stuff with all this year. Well some of this  yarn and the yarn I already have.  But, you can never have enough yarn.  No, I don't have a yarn addiction. HAHA