Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crochetapy isn't working

This week was one exhausting week.  Appointments for my parents, dentist.  Got a bite guard, hopefully that will keep the jaw pain away.  Then with appointments and missed time from work it the make-up time.  Shorter lunch.  Having the hour lunch during the day helps alot.  You can run errands, crochet or get in a nap. LOL Friday I had off and I had a yard sale with a neighbour.  Did ok, but didn't realize the physical work involved.  Clearly out of shape. Working for a living sucks. HAHA

Anyway, here's my progress on my granny stripe project.  I was playing with a few apps on my phone to get some different pictures.

I managed to wip up a few coasters this week.  One I gave a way.  Also got some more yarn. LOL

I haven't worked with this yarn before, it's a fine yarn but I'd like to make something wearable with it.  Any suggestions or links to nice shawl patterns ladies?

Also, I made my second sale from my Etsy store.  The grey loom knit hat. Yay!! I need to get more things posted on there.  Not enough time in the day.


becktovintage said...

Hi dear Stephanie, I hope you get well soon. I always like granny stripes you know.. Actually I like all crochets..:))
And you always make crochet very well..:))I like you granny stripe and I am curiously waiting your all other projects...:))
Happy weekend...

GrannyTaughtMeToCrochet said...

Life is tiring .... yet so good. You blanket looks great. Its coming along a treat. And also that new yarn is delicious! xxxx

Lisa said...

Wonderful colours. I like your blog.

Nice weekend