Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The days go by...

        Time flies and it seems I can't get enough crocheting in.  And with so many projects on the go and that I want to do and make and Christmas gifts to make in mind, I may just have to quit my job. LOL

Up close.

      Mostly, I've done a bit on every project this week - The bed ripple, the chunky grey ripple, the crochet bag, the top.  I finished the granny stripe that I made into a shrug. However, I have to have someone take pictures of me wearing it to show it properly.  It puckers a bit at the back but if I take it in then it would be too tight when I stretch forward.  It's mostly for work.  It gets so cold sometimes and you just need to keep the upper arms and shoulders warm.  And sometimes I'll be typing away at work and the hands and lower arms gets a bit cold.  So, I've been wanting to make arm warmers.  A co-worker made a super cute pair. So anyway, I'm rambling on.  I went into Aldo shoe store, I had a gift card to use, and found these wonderful leg warmers on clearance.  Hmmm, leg warmers are now arm warmers for me.

On a good note, it's another 4 day work week.  I like to spread out my vacation days.  I have yet to take a whole week off.  Maybe next  year. 

And from here's a pic to share I made from an fun Android App.

Happy Hump Day!


becktovintage said...

No no... I sitll don't know to make ripple crochet...:)))
Jealous me..:))

hooksandyarns said...

Great idea to use the leg warmers as arm warmers. Perfect. :)

mkonieczki said...

Gosh, I love day-dreaming about all the time I would have to knit and sew if I could quit my job...le sigh. Hopefully, you can squeeze your projects into you off-hours and have them finished in time for the holidays!

Tanya said...

I often think how good it would be if i didnt have to work and could just crochet all day! Bliss!

The ripple is looking great!

Sara @ My Merry Messy Life said...

Very nice! Neither of those are easy projects, either. No wonder you might have to quit your job to be ready for Christmas!! Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!