Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trying Times

I'm still working on my granny stripe project.  Hopefully I will get it done this week.

       You know how you start out thinking this will be a good week and have an idea on how it will go.  Well, Monday changed that thought.  Went into work.  No appointments and such this week.  My dad's mom has been in hospital for a week and they said she had bacterial infection in her lungs and was having a hard time breathing.  Well Sunday she had taken a turn and I planned to go see her after work Monday.  But my cousin messaged me and said she didn't have much longer.  I went to the hospital on my lunch and just missed seeing her.  RIP dear Mimi.  She was 93 and was my last grandparent.  The sad part is she kept talking last week about wanting to see my dad.  It was his birthday last week and he was on her mind.  He isn't even aware that his mom passed who he adored so.  Dimentia is such a sad disease to see anyone go through, let alone your parent.  Anyway, I made a crocheted flower to send off with her in her coffin.  Friday was the funeral and we had all the family in town, cousins, second cousins.  The weather was beautiful but hot.  Didn't seem to mind the heat after we went swimming in my aunt's pool.
Such a beautiful day to remember Mimi.

My co-workers surprised me with a nice card and gift basket.

The whole week has been so nice. 

Except the Monday, it had been quite gloomy that morning.  And as I got up to the hospital, the sun had come out.  Very strange how some things you believe are signs.


Mlissabeth said...

May your Mimi rest in peace. That was a beautiful idea, to add a crocheted flower to her coffin.

Unknown said...

So sorry for your loss! Have to agree with Mlissabeth..the flower was a special touch!

Carissa said...

Oh my gosh we were going through the same thing at the same time! I'm so sorry to hear for your loss! I hope you find some comfort in the coming week. What thoughtful co-workers you have.

Unknown said...

I popped over to see your lovely stripes (they really are lovely) but wanted to send my condolences on the loss of your Mimi. Just about the only 'kind' thing about dementia is that it insulates your Dad from the sadness of his loss.
Take care x