Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Days and Crochet

Almost there progress on my ripple. According to Ravelry I started on Feb 18th. Of course throughout the summer I didn't work on it much as there wasn't a need for the blanket. Once I get to my desired length I want to do an edging up the two sides to hide the joins.  I don't know if you can see the slight bump on left of picture.  That's my baby cat who likes to sleep under the sheet.  He just got dental work done yesterday and they ended up having to take out 5 teeth.  Poor guy, but it hasn't affected his appetite.

Scarf progress.

I had the day off yesterday.  Dropped the cat off at the vet, hit the 50% off sale at the thrift store and found some sweaters a purse and a few clothing items for my folks. Then went and had a massage and got my nails done.  Blue-tipped with flower design on ring finger.  And this is my Saturday morning Cappuccino, yes that is my Donald Duck spoon from when I was young.

We had two Indian summer like days here this week that got to 70+ degrees F.  On my lunch hour one day I went for a stroll at a park and snapped some nice pics of the trees.

I was even walking and crocheting at the same time and this couple stopped and said, not everyone can do that.  I said I'm multi-tasking. LOL
It just seems to be a required skill in life. 

I stopped by a gift store yesterday and had to stop and snap these gorgeous items.  I LOVE SNOWMEN!! If I were rich I'd buy them all up. 

I found a hook that you put in the garden to hang plant/bird feeder at this store.  I got my dad a bird feeder to put outside his window and his care home.  I got the suet kind so we don't have to keep getting seed. I hope he gets some birds to his window.  Seems most people had one in front of their windows.  He loved feeding them when he was back at home.  

And finally, my project I finished up last weekend.  I've been itching to make something with my owl fabric.  So I got out the sewing machine, inter-facing and made this little pouch.  I'm using to carry my crochet hooks. 


Have a groovy weekend crafty peeps!!