Saturday, October 20, 2012

Small Progress

Oh it's been a busy week.  Well I did make something last weekend I didn't get around to blogging about.  I wanted to make a small table cover.  It's a bit short in the length for my table so I think I'll have to add two more squares on each end. Then of course it will need blocking to lay flat.  Mostly in nice fall colours. 

I found some new colours of yarn at the thrift store this week.  One of my favourites, Bernat Satin, in Taupe, Mocha and Sage.  They'll go nicely with my existing Satin collection of colours.

Started making some African flowers with this colour scheme.

And another pic of the cats.  Yes I like to do funny things to him. LOL.  He's wearing my hair piece.

Happy Friday and Weekend!!


Inthesky said...

lol...the poor cat! Lovely sheen on the hair piece and on the new yarn. Interesting colour scheme, I like it a lot! x

Inthesky said...

Just had to pop back and tell you my 8yr old loved the cat picture too.

becktovintage said...

Hey hey Your kitty cat is so cute with blod hair..:) And you know I like crochet table covers so so much. Your is really beautiful with smooth autumn colors.. Yes I like it so much..
Best best wishes..

Ashley cramp said...

Hello popping over to visit, and to join you too!
lovely Blog and ooooh the crochet.....divine,
Bestest Daisy x

mkonieczki said...

WOW! Lucky score at the thrift store! The colors are going to be great together and look really pretty in the violet pattern you've started working with.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

African flowers are one of my favourite motifs. Absolutely LOVE your colour scheme :)

Sara @ My Merry Messy Life said...

I love the table cover! Very nice. And I had never thought to buy yarn at a thrift store - great idea! Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!