Friday, February 22, 2013

Feb projects

I'm still working on this scarf, but at least I'm on ball two.  It wraps over the shoulders now but I would like to get it so you can wrap around neck twice and have length to hang down.

 My co-worker found a site to make crochet squares and send in to make a donation blanket.  Here's a few square's I made for it.  They had to be 8 inches.  

And here she is working on her square. Lovely cafe we meet at sometimes.

And for my other squares I've been working on, they are coming along.  I've been blocking each one as sometimes with squares from circles they don't always lay flat and form a square shape.

The Alpaca blend scarf is nearly at the length I want.  Seems this year scarfs are handy as we've had more snow than usual for our region. 

I've also been making some things with the cotton my co-worker gave me.
This is a soap saver wash holder.
And this cozy for my co-worker who loves her tea.

It's been a long week. I worked last Sunday, Monday (holiday here) and all week. Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.  I did have my tooth out a week ago.  It's been healing nicely but feels weird. Dentist said
it was badly infected. So I guess it's a good thing.  

Happy Weekend Everyone!


hooksandyarns said...

Everything looks great - and I especially like the cup cozy. Good to hear you're feeling better. :)

Kate said...

Nice projects :-) I like the colors you used in the scarf.