Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A bit of this, a bit of that...

I just finished up a mug cozy for my tea cup at work.  That's my heart swag hanging on my cubicle wall at work. 

I finished this baby/little girls hat.  It was supposed to be a pattern for a fedora hat but the brim ended up more ripply than I think it was supposed too.  Either way, people thought it was cute this way so I put on a flower to finish it off.  

My granny circles are all done.  Now onto square making. I'm thinking these will turn into a nice gift idea I have.

And with V-day this week, I wanted to make more hearts.  I edged them with some fun scrappy yarns I had gotten from E-bay last year. 

A co-worker brought in this ball of yarn for me.  She intended on making dish clothes but hers ended up lop-sided.  So I frogged what she had most of the way and finished it off and gave her the dish cloth below.  I ended up making a few more and gave them away. 
Love these colours.

Lucky me gets V-day off, only because I have a dental issues and will either be getting a root canal or the tooth pulled.  Depending on how bad it is.  Joy.