Wednesday, February 6, 2013


How do you know when you have ADD? When you working on a handful of projects, if not more, at a time.  My granny rounds are coming along.  I'm starting the final round before squaring them. 

I've been sick these last 4 days so there was lazy boy crochet time with my side kick here.  He loves to sit with me when I'm using my ripple blanket. 

On the weekend I pulled out the sewing machine and cut these lovely flannel squares up to start making some quilt blocks I hope to turn into a baby blanket, either to sell or give when I know of someone having a boy. LOL Not bad for my first attempt I thought.  I had You Tube loaded up with tutorials. 

The knitted scarf is one skein down and maybe another half or so to go.  Near finished on this baby had.  Just have to dress it up a bit.  And I want to go a bit longer on the Alpaca blend scarf enough to wrap the neck twice. 

We've had quite a bit of snow this month.  It's been cold then we had a few nearly 55 degree F days, then back to cold.  No wonder so many people at work and all around are getting sick.  Yesterday I hit the clinic and the doctor said there are a number of viruses going around and gave me a med for my cough.  They said it may cause drowsiness.  I came home, put on Bridget Jones, took a few spoonfuls of the tasty syrup.  Next thing I knew the eyes were heavy and sawed some logs for a few hours. 

Hope everyone is staying healthy!