Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yarn and Hooks

Picked up a few skeins of yarn at a thrift store this week.  $1 for 2 skeins of an old Caron yarn in white.  Perfect for my baby sweater I'm working on for the edging and a skein of a hunter green for
50 cents.  Gotta love getting yarn that cheap.  I also had a new Etimo Tulip Crochet Hook come in
the mail this week.  
I really love these hooks, so comfortable in the hand and no snagging.  Here is the progress
on my first baby clothing item. I hope it works out.  I saw someone on Instagram making it and asked where they got the pattern.  It's on Bernat's site.  It will have a hood.  However, I was a bit thrown off by how they worded the pattern.  So, I'm kind of improvising. 

I got two more gumballs to go before turning these into squares. 

And as for my arm issues, still so so.  I am going to try acupuncture with my chiropractor this 
week.  I hope it helps.

Happy Weekend All!