Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Yarn Day

Yesterday was International I Love Yarn Day.  It would be nice if such days fell on a weekend to really be able to enjoy yarny things.  

This is my morning crafty scene.  Cup of Joe via Hello Kitty mug. A new project underway.  Clearly Christmas themed. 

Received a gorgeous pack of fabric this week from E-bay. I am becoming a fabric junky too.  Now the next step is to get making things with them.

My honey was eyeing a mug online that he had as a kid. Vintage Yogi Bear cup.
I found one on E-bay and put a bid in and I got it.  It's a bit pricey for an old mug but you pay for nostalgia I guess.
Not in perfect shape but better than another one I found online. 
I hope he likes it. 

It's getting cooler and I got out my ripple blanket I finished last year.

I love it, makes me want to make another. LOL

And for those fellow Canadians, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
It is on Monday for us. I volunteered to work it. 
Honey and I were invited out to my aunts for dinner today.  Yum