Saturday, October 26, 2013


It's surprising how the new seasons creep in on you when you still trying to let go of the last.  But each year as fall comes, I realize how much I love fall. And that Christmas isn't far off so I better get working on Xmas project gifts.  I have been doing some sewing projects. I'm not completely going to show them so the ones I'll be giving them to won't be surprised. 
I've been working on a Lucy bag here for my aunt for a few years now. Well it's coming up to be her 60th next month so I am trying to get it done for that.

Working on some African flowers for the Happy Hippo. I'm sure that may get completed some time next year. LOL

Stash busting to make some hat, tis the season. I may change the flower because once it's on the head it's HUGE. Chunky yarn flowers don't work on chunky yarn hats. 

And finished my granny square tree. 

Here's a fun thing going around on Instagram. 
What would your name be?

Mine- Mystery Crochet Hexagons To Die For.

Happy weekend all!