Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tis The Season

The holidays are nearly here.  It's been a busy week at work ending with a wonderful potluck luncheon.  I finished the Cookie Monster hat for my co-worker.  She loved it for her grandson. 

I also managed to finish my Hello Kitty hat in black.  It's a funky version I guess you could say. 

I also made myself a tablet pouch.   It did not come out perfect but it serves it's purpose.

I also finished a few projects. I made some small ornaments for gifts.  And for sewing, I made these festive hot pads for gifts as well. 

We were surprised this morning when our neighbor came over to thank us for shoveling the driveway for them.  Last weeks snow fall was a good bit and  we share driveways with one side.  They are an older couple.  It's just easier to do the whole drive anyway.  They brought over a lovely plate of baked goodies.  
I do love Christmas cheer and baked goods.  

Well, I wish everyone a happy holiday with their families.  Appreciate all that you have and bless and pray for those who are not as fortunate in this world.