Saturday, December 28, 2013

Peace and Relaxation

Christmas is finally over.  It was a nice break up to the work week.  Unfortunately, I work at a place that is open 24/7.  Next year it falls at the end of the week.  Yay.  I finally got to finish a hat for me. My dark kitty hat.  I love it.  And it's so warm.
Day after Christmas in Canada is called Boxing Day. It is an official holiday.  Most people head to the stores for sales.  I stayed in right here.  I was so tired all day.  Read, relaxed and took a nap.
I pulled out some yarn to stash bust and make the cats a little pad/blanket.  Not the best colour scheme, but I'm sure they won't car. It's warm.
Had to dress him up for a Christmas photo op. LOL
And, the book I've been waiting for.  My aunt got it for me. Whoohoo.
Happy Weekend All!! And have a Happy New Year!!