Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!! I've been enjoying other blog posts and Instagram posts on everyone's year in review.  Amazing what you can make in a year isn't it?  I'm sure I have more that what I posted here, but these will do for highlights.

I found some brown yarn in my stash and decided to make a baby
football hat.  That is a new years resolution.  To get using up my stash. I'm sure that is the intention of most of us crocheters and knitters. 

And on Instagram, it's been going around to join the crochet mood blanket 2012 challenge.  Either one square a day for  365 squares, or one a week for 52. Either way you should end up with a nice blanket by year end.  
I picked this style of square for mine, from Jan Eaton's book, Target Square.

And a review of my sewing projects.  I've only just started into sewing this year.

New years day was spend indoors as it was snowing watching Hockey's Winter Classic between Toronto Maple Leafs (my team) and Detroit Red Wings. 
My team won ;)