Saturday, February 1, 2014

Keep Calm and Keep Warm

The best part of being a crocheter is you'll always be warm.
My mood blanket is coming along keeping me toasty as it 
sits on my lap joining my squares. 

This week I realized I had ordered some yarn from the Yarn Outlet 
here in Canada only to realize it was delivered two weeks ago via 
UPS and I never saw it.  Mind you the weather has been very snowy and
windy so chances are the package blew away or is in a snow bank.
UPS site just said delivered, left a door.  Nice.  Next time I know to 
request a signature. 
So the shipper is re-sending my yarn.  I've only been waiting for
the Caron Simply Soft to finish a minion hat I'm making for someone.
The deal was so good I couldn't pass it up.

I also felt the need to bust into some other stash and start a ripple. 
Beige, light green, dusty pink and I will be adding a white.

Even the cat is keeping warm in my knitting scarf. 

Happy Weekend All!!