Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Progress

 This was an interesting and productive week. I started another mood blanket.
Again, in attempt to stash bust.  I wanted to do another ripple and have had these
colours for some time. They do look lovely together.  I have added more squares to my original mood blanket.  I have more done than what is attached here.

And since my yarn arrived this week I completed my minion hat. I used Repeat Crafter Me's Pattern (picture shown top) and my hat bottom, girl version 
that is.  I love it. I may just have to make myself one.

Tis the season for hearts.  Just messing with some patterns out there.

And yes, my yarn arrived.  The black for the hat and light peach. I started 
making some squares for my blanket with the peach.

For the trouble, they even sent me these free pattern books. 
So nice of them. 

I managed to get so much crocheting done as last Sunday I brought
my honey into emergency. He's had a terrible pain in his left side for
some time now and Sunday it was too unbearable.  Dreading the long
hospital wait, I packed up my yarn projects a few snacks and were there
for a good 7-8 hours.  He hat a CT Scan done and was given some
anti-biotics. Yesterday went back for ultra sound. They believe it to be
appendagitis. But who knows. A while back he had walked into a half
wall divider between our living and kitchen area while half asleep
and he may have done something from then. Wait and see what the 
follow up will be with his doctor. 
The joys of getting older. Health issues. 

But sun is shining today and the Olympics have started. It was a wonderful
opening show. Happy weekend all!!