Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bunting love

I started a stash busting project a few weeks ago for some bunting.  I came across this post from  A Fly the Coop Crafts. I used earth tone colours to go with my living room. I finished up yesterday.

As for that Crochet Mood Blanket.  It's been sitting in my craft bag,
however I pulled it out for a photo.  I've done 2 colour rows with 
the white drop down stitch in between.

I imagine I may have my border complete by Christmas for a gift. 

I'll have some time off for a few weeks before starting a new job.
I hope to get some more crochet done.  But somehow it always seems
to get put aside doing housework or other summer activities.
Most nice evenings are spent on the back deck.  Even the cat loves it.

He loves the sun.

Happy weekend all!!