Saturday, July 19, 2014


I hope everyone had a good week.  Mine started out alright. Went to work on Monday, 
my last week at my place of 7 years.  However, the day ended being asked to
leave early.  I had given my two week notice the week before as I had 
been offered a new job elsewhere.  I received the usually company excuse of
having a negative attitude and impact on the team etc. 
Nothing like being appreciated after seven years which was 
exactly why I had sought work elsewhere.
C'est la vie.

Anyway, it gave me an extra almost week off and I got to get back to
many crochet projects.  I had been given a bag of started baby blue 
granny squares a while back.  Well, with my cousin's baby 1st birthday 
next week I decided to use those and make a blanket for him.

This was one days progress, adding the grey
and joining with the white.

I had been making some flowers and got a canvas and painted the background a bit. 
Nothing fancy.  I just wanted to make a bit of crochet art work for my new desk.
I may add some more to it, birds or something.

I've been working on a v-stitch project which is going to be a shawl.
I love this Neapolitan yarn combination.  And from quite a while ago,
I had found these gumballs I had made and put aside.  So, I started to 
make them into the squares they were intended and join. 

I have been putting off making something for my bike. So I used some
scraps to make a small bunting for the basket.  Can't wait to put it on.
I still want to make a basket liner and finish my seat cover.
All week had been cooler but cloudy.  Thursday the sun had come out
and was a perfect day for a bike ride.

My rose bush has re-bloomed some new flowers

Have a super weekend all!