Saturday, May 2, 2015


This week I've been off work for 3 days for vacation time.  I'm opting now for more vacation time during the spring.  It's cooler with great weather for walks and bicycle rides. There was one rainy day that provided me with some crochet lazy time. I have been working a few few things. 

Stash busting with this yarn it'll either be yet another scarf or something cozy for the cats to sleeps on.

I'm still working on this granny stripe.  Even my baby cat (really 12 years old) loves to cuddle on my yarny projects.
He's had some health issues lately.  The vet found a mass in his stomach.  She can't officially say if cancer or just intestinal growth.  He's been on a few meds that he may have to be on the rest of his life to keep him eating.
So far so good. He's been coming around eating and back to usual self.


We took a day trip to a near by larger city yesterday and I had to see a popular crafting supply store here in Canada.  It wasn't their main store but it had a wide variety of yarn and that's all that mattered.  Mary Maxim


My mistake however is bringing the spouse along to say don't you have enough yarn. Yes dear but you can never have enough.

Happy weekend all!!


Unknown said...

I love your granny stripe WIP, I hope your cat has many years yet of enjoying sleeping on it