Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rest In Peace

    Such a gift to have cared for this unique spirit. He wasn't like a cat but a reincarnated soul who appreciate our love, affection and our home. Having been a stray he truly appreciated the roof over his head. Loved to cuddle and showed it with a loud purr or motor I called it. He loved laying in the window when the sun was out. RIP my sweet baby cat.

       Monday was a holiday and we spent the day with him on the porch. He mostly laid in his bed in the sun which was his favourite thing.  He slept with me that night and I woke Tuesday morning with him beside me purring away.  He jumped off the bed but seemed a bit wobbly. I was going into work that day.  He was laying on the bed and his breathing didn't seem right.  Depsite all this time with the gas he had and not being able to to number 2 he hadn't thrown up.

      I went to work and an hour later my honey called and said you better come home.
    He was still on the bed with laboured breathing.  We just pet him, told him we loved him and then he started to throw up. Not a good sign. We called ahead to the vet to see if there was a wait as I didn't want to be waiting in there knowing what we were going to have to do. On the way to the vet we had him in his green bed and I had my crocheted blanket on him to keep him cozy and unaware of where we were headed.  He started to hurl again and then a second later I felt warm liquid on my leg, he let go at the same time.  That for sure was a sign his body was letting him down.  We didn't want to see him suffer anymore.  It truly was the hardest thing to do. He really didn't 
    want to leave us, he loved being with us. I believe his unique personality developed because of us. 
       I didn't go back to work the next day either.  It hurt so much. I couldn't sleep in the bed where he would sleep with me, sit on the love seat where he would lay with me while I would crochet. Day by day it's easing up and are trying to focus more attention on the other two cats that now seem to notice something missing. They just don't have the same personality as Marma and don't love to cuddle the way he did.  

    My honey had made this great video of him after the first visit back from the vet when we first were told he had that mass and it was probably cancer.  We uploaded on You Tube to share his story.

    I have done some crochet in the last few days.  It still is crochetapy.

    Happy weekend all!


Kate said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs and praying you find comfort in your memories and in the therapy of crochet.