Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hello Fall

The cooler weather always makes you want to pull out the yarn and start something, anything.  
So I pulled out this chunky yarn to make my Pippa girl a little blanket.

She has this spot on the pads she sleeps but she needs a cute pink blanket. 
She's been a great addition to our home but still miss Marma everyday.

The last few weeks honey and I have been on a similar shift to be able to take him to work as my old car has seen it's days.  When you start to have to put so  much money in it than it's worth it's time.
So we have been out in search of a newer reliable car to hopefully last us a long time.  After reading about the most reliable cars on the net, Honda was always near the top.  Of course my old car is a 22 year hold Honda so we know how reliable they can be for a long time.
Last weekend we found it, a three year old Civic with only 13,400 kilometres on it. Almost too good to be true but an elderly person had it before and clearly barely drove it. 

After driving an older car for so long it seems weird. 

Maybe now we can go back to our usual routine and I can get back into crochet, knitting and sewing more.  That is after my thumb has healed from near cutting the end of it off preparing a meal and using a mandala. 
The Vegan diet has been going well.  I'm down 6lbs and feel good. 

Well happy weekend all!!!!


Anonymous said...

How lovely that you are going to make a pink blanket for Pippa! She seems to be a very sweet cat.
Fantastic about your car! Enjoy it! I think I'll also have to buy another car one of these months. My car is almost 16 years old and keeps making those weird noises, although we have replaced many things.
Congratulations on your diet! Well done!