Sunday, November 1, 2015

This and That

I finished the black shrug for my co-worker but forget to get a picture of the finished product.  What was I thinking?  I edged it with the glittery black and it looks nice on the recipient.

I also sold my Angry Bird hat that was in my Etsy store for a while.  YAY.

I have a new favourite cup in my cupboard.  Love my owls.

I made my first Vegan pizza this week.  Used some Seitan for a meat protein substitute and Daiya cheese ( dairy free ), only I found it too creamy texture on it so next pizza I'll omit that.

I found this tea on Amazon and it's just amazing. 

Halloween is now over.  I always have to get out a costume to dress up the cats and since it was Pippa first Halloween with us she was the lucky one. She looks impressed doesn't she?