Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall has come

Long time no blog.  
I seriously don't know where the days go.  Daily routines blur into weeks. 
I have my 3 gym days a week, rest and chores in between. Work.  
Life, gotta love it.

I have however gotten back some of my crochet knitting mojo. Maybe it's the season.  Fall weather does tend to inspire getting out the yarn and making something, anything.

Here's some projects I've been randomly working on.

Finished this baby blanket.

Finished a few more random granny squares.

I'm still working on this ripple blanket. Trying to keep going until I'm out of the colours.

Started a hat.

Scarf with super chunky yarn on my giant knitting kneedles.  This give you an arm workout.

And simple knit 2 purl 2 every two rows for a scarf.  I love the texture it makes. 

With this nice cooler fall weather, honey and I have gone for a few good long bike rides.
This summer was so hot I was not able to go out for many rides.

But it's been nice to enjoy watching the trees change.  Canada's maples trees have beautiful colour changes.  

The garden is pretty much done for the years.  We're still getting a few tomatoes. 

We finally got some cucumbers as well.

And I can't forget my fur babies.

Have a great weekend all!!


Anonymous said...

Your cats are adorable :-)
And waw, a lot of wonderful W.I.P.'s!
Nice to read you again,
PS: I'm having a give away on my blog, you're welcome to join in!