Sunday, November 6, 2016

Small Update

I'm still working on my knit hat. I don't craft (knit or crochet) everyday.  I have more the last few months because honey has been off work.  He is a great help around the house when he's off. 
But he shall be going back this week therefore, more house chores to do, less craft time. 
Oh well, such as life. 

I got myself a Caron Cake this week.  

I started a ripple scarf with it. Hopefully it shall be finished for a Christmas gift.

We still had a 60 degree weekend for the first week of November. We went for a lovely walk and am so in awe of the colours of the trees this year.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, I love the colours in fall too...
The ripple scarf is going to be great.
I hope your honey is going to have more time at home soon.
How are your cats doing?
Have a nice week,