Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Times change

I've managed to finish some projects in these last few weeks.  I made another Minion headband just a bit larger size, both child sizes that I hope to sell.  

I had this puppy hat 3/4 finished down in my bin of unfinished projects.  So I pulled it out one Sunday and finished it and is now on my Etsy.
Made this apple cozy.

And on a sad note, our Tigger has been sick for a long time.  We had taken him to 2 different vets to see what was wrong with him.  We got him from the Humane Society at 2 years of age not knowing he had a poop issue.  It was never solid. Regardless, he had such a friend face, temperament and playful nature we kept him.  Over the years we went through many baby wipes keeping his back side clean as to not get it all over the house.  A few years ago he changed, body mass, personality.  He lost a lot of weight and these last few months very boney. I was afraid his bones would break just picking him up.  The one thing he did look forward to lately was when I'd come home from the gym he knew i cooked eggs and he loved the yoke.  So that was our routine, make him and egg. 
The picture above is when we first got him. 

This is last summer.

This was on Sunday. 

It was a hard decision for my honey and I to make but we knew it was time.  He was just existing. Not playing anymore.  We took him in and put him to rest.  I always knew we'd have to one day and seemed prepared for it but it still hit hard and hurts.  
RIP My sweet boy Tigger.