Saturday, April 1, 2017

Leap Into Spring

I've been doing a bit more crochet lately.  Mostly on the weekends.  The weeks just fly by, gym, work, house chores, pet attention, hubby attention. Finally come the weekend i pull out my projects and unwind crocheting while usually watching Hockey Saturday nights. I had boughten a Caron Cake yarn skein in buttercream a while back and started making this star shaped throw.

I only bought one skein, my bad, to go back to Michael's craft store to find they haven't had this color in quite some time.  I've search online with no luck for the buttercream. I popped into Walmart one day and they had these by Bernat.  It's a similar colorway just has some darker brown shades.

Sadly, I think I will have to continue with that. I think it'll be a complementary color scheme to what I have already started. What do you think?

And on the trip to Michael's to see if they had the buttercream in, these small skeins of fun colours caught my eye and envisioned a project in my head. They were only a $1.25 each.  Then I had a coupon for the big skein of white for joining. 

Work in Progress.

Just a few pics of the fur babies.

Keegan is turning 15 this month.  Also my birthday this weekend. Honey and I going out for a romantic birthday dinner.  And for dessert, a week off of work. 

Happy Weekend All!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! And also to Keegan! My oldest cat turned 16 on Saturday. Hope your cats will stay for a long time to come!
Love your wip's! I think the skein you found will blend well with your starblanket and I like the project with white and pink too!
Enjoy your week off!